Entry #1

"Make a post about yourself."

2015-10-18 16:26:22 by yawnyeti

You know when you fart in your chair and it goes up the side of your legs? That's me. 

I mostly used to just draw doodles, but one day I decided that I really wanted to learn how to draw, and to draw well and some where along that path I fell in love with it. I'm not very well practiced, but that's the goal for making a profile here, so that I can share what I make, and get helpful feedback while I'm in artschool. 




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2016-02-11 10:39:39

Interesting first post. XD Well, a belated welcome to NG! Hope you're enjoying your time here! Pretty interesting art so far.

yawnyeti responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate all the feedback you've left on my work.


2017-02-19 13:48:36

That first sentence brings a tear to me eye, it's beautiful. :<

yawnyeti responds:

Hahaha, thanks.